Become a Coach
Become a Coach
  • Accelerated program for exceptional professionals
  • 400+ graduates nationwide
  • Established, proven methods
  • Onsite and teleclass format
  • Board certified training provider
  • Facilitated by master trainers with years and years of experience!
Find a Coach
Find a Coach
  • Stop saying, “I wish…”
  • Discover how much coaching can enhance your life
  • Start seeing the difference TODAY!
Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching
  • Corporate Employee Wellness
  • Physician Empowerment: Your Partner in Patient Health
  • Executive Wellness


  • Resources features: assessments, articles, websites, and podcasts.
  • Discover how to enhance your well-being.
  • Expand your self-knowledge.
  • Spark your imagination.
  • Enliven your spirit.



Awareness is at the heart of Mindful Change Coaching

Guiding Mindful Change was founded in 1993 to inspire, enliven and support mindful living.  For over 20 years, our certification programs, classes and outreach have impacted the lives of thousands. Mindful coaching is about empowerment…about change from the inside out.  Our coaches believe that people are whole and resourceful and therefore are their own best authority for change.


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