Billie Frances, LMFT, NBC-HWC, BCC, CWP


From the time I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  Back then, I'd line up my dolls and teddy bears on the steps of our front porch to let them know about subjects I was learning in school. Since then, no matter what I've undertaken, I find myself in the role of a teacher.  I've taught masters level university classes, workshops, podcasts, webinars and seminars. Subjects have ranged from behavioral change to fitness to laughter yoga.  In 1996 I discovered coaching and began my coaching business alongside separate roles as therapist and a spiritual counselor.  Then in 2000, I felt a familiar tug to teach - this time, to teach the unique coaching method that had swirled together from my own studies and experience.  The Mindful Coach Certification was born out of that calling.  Since then, hundreds of heart-centered professionals have completed our course and now serve others who want to fulfill their potential.  We are passionate about health and wellness...which covers the spectrum from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Billie lives in San Diego and is a dedicated family member, an avid baseball fan, and an active Toastmaster.


Billie comments on how and why she became
a pioneer in health and wellness coaching
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"I am already feeling some shifts within. You're (We're) terrific."

Carol Ebert

"I highly recommend Billie...the skills you gain as a coach will set you apart from the rest. Most importantly, you will grow professionally and personally."

Colleen Linnertz

"Billie's Masterful Coaching skills and her unique heart-warming touch she brings to the process just made the experience that much more enjoyable. I came away from the call with clarity and actions plans."

Fred Laskowski

"Such positive 'stuff' I received from our connection. What a wonderful gift you are, Billie! Thanks so much...I can see that my training has enhanced my practice, but I'd like to go further with coaching."

Ava Dorrance

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