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Our 12-week Exam Prep course begins the week of January 31, 2022

Get the support you need to prepare, study and pass the National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach exam. Connect with other coaches and our experienced instructors, receive a bevy of great tools,
and enter your exam with greater confidence and ease.

Easy to Access Resources

Flashcards, NBC-HWC Exam Prep Quick Links PDF File, Exam Checklists, Suggested Reading List, Note-Taking Template, and more!

Live Q&A Sessions

Every 2 weeks, your instructors will host a LIVE Q&A Session.  Times will vary depending on availability of the group. This is your chance to ask your questions and get the answers you need. 

Live Coaching Skills Mastery

Practice coaching presence and coaching structures with master coach Billie Frances, NBC-HWC.  As one the highlighted coaches in the webinar, you'll receive Billie's support and feedback on your coaching skills.

NBC-HWC Exam Prep Course Curriculum

1. Coaching Structure 
1.1. Coach preparation prior to session
1.2. First session or before
1.3. Early (typically in the first, second or other early session)
1.4. Routine Follow-Up Sessions
1.5. Coaching Program Termination

Week 2: LIVE Questions & Answers Call

2.1. Client-centered relationship 
2.2. Trust & rapport 
2.3. Active listening and presence 
2.4. Client emotions and energy 

Week 4: LIVE Questions & Answers Call

2.5. Reflections
2.6. Expand the conversation 
2.7. Focus and refocus the conversation 
2.8. Assist client to evaluate and integrate health information

Week 6: LIVE Questions & Answers Call

2.9. Goals and implementing action 
2.10. Client awareness, perspective shifts and insights.
2.11. Client’s freedom of choice, autonomy, and intrinsic motivation
2.12. Client self-efficacy 

Week 8: LIVE Questions & Answers Call

2.13. Improve support.
2.14. Client active experimentation and self-discovery

Week 9 - Finish "Coaching Process" before moving on to Health & Wellness

2.15. Increase positive psychological resources

Health & Wellness

3.1. Health, health promotion and disease prevention, applying a whole person perspective

Health & Wellness Webinar

Week 10: Live Questions & Answers Call

3.2. Chronic Disease

3.2.1 Diabetes webinar

3.2.3 Obesity, BMI, & Waist Circumference webinar

3.2.4 Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke webinar

3.2.5 Metabolic Syndrome, Arthritis, and Inflammation webinar

3.2.6 Lipid Abnormalities and Lipid Panels webinar

3.3. Health behaviors, social and behavioral risk factors

3.3.1 & 3.3.2 Healthy weight, optimal nutrition and hydration webinar

3.3.3 Physical Activity and Sedentary Lifestyle webinar

3.3.4 Sleep webinar

3.3.5 Stress & Emotional Wellness webinar

3.3.6 Avoiding tobacco webinar

3.3.7 Moderate or No Alcohol Use & Substance Abuse webinar

4.1. Professional Conduct
4.2. Ethics
4.3. Legal

Week 12: Live Questions & Answers Call

NBHWC Resources

Downloadable additional study resources for each topic area.

Notetaking template

Study Flash Cards

Live Questions & Answers Calls and Call Recordings

Webinar Recordings for Health & Wellness Topics

Coaching Hotseats with Guiding Mindful Change Masterful Coaching Lab


"You will learn a lot from these two fabulous women who put this together. If it weren’t for these two, I don’t think I would have passed! Thanks Molly and Billie, you rock! "

Kim Lazurus

"Really appreciate the study materials, Molly. It's been really helpful to have everything organized"

Terri Leichty

"Thank you to the group and the Molly's flashcards - they helped me pass. Ladies, although I couldn't join any of the calls being on a completely different time zone I learnt so much from your conversations and perspectives on the call."

Amy Benbow Turner

"Billie, your study course is my "bible" as I'm finally preparing to write the exam this June. I've got a whole binder of the flash cards, PDFs and notes that I carry with me in case I'll have spare time to review. The links that you provided in the course are also great to have when I'm sitting around. I'm pretty sure that I'll feel well prepared when exam time rolls around. THANK YOU for the amazing prep course. "

Shirley Garrett

"This was a very good, well thought out, non-stressful way to learn the material in an organized way so that we had enough time to grasp the different concepts and feel ready for the exam. The teachers were both very supportive and I felt like there was someone there to help you through any issues we encountered."

Satyan Shah

"This program is very comprehensive and keeps you focused on what is necessary and relevant to demonstrate that you are competent and qualified to be certified as a health and wellness coach."

Barbara Walton

"I realy appreciate the lay out of the program and the book pages. These resources have allowed me to get laser focused on the areas which I am struggling with. It has been a great time saver not having to think about . "where did I see that?" This entire program has been comprehensive and I am feeling well prepared for the exam."

Shelby Holte

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