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Our 100%-online training is the pivotal step to becoming a confident, heart-centered coach


Mindful coaching starts with awareness...

Mindful coaches start with self-discovery. Only by first knowing their own strengths and blind spots can they powerfully support clients seeking meaningful change.

Mindful coaches do not impose their ideas and agendas on their clients. Instead, they apply the guiding mindful change coaching techniques – based on our foundational beliefs – to allow their clients the freedom to discover pathways to their hearts’ desires.

Guiding Mindful Change Foundational Beliefs

  • People are naturally whole and resourceful
  • Balance is essential for fulfillment
  • Clients are their own authority for change
  • Change is promoted by mindful guidance, support, encouragement, and partnership

Coaching from the Inside Out

At Guiding Mindful Change (GMC) we understand the importance of making a bigger difference in the lives of your clients. We believe to get the most meaning out of your coaching practice, you need to start with yourself. That’s why we’ve structured our program with a unique twist.

We focus on self-awareness, real-time practice and mentoring

The Guiding Mindful Change Certification process includes mindfulness practices, peer coaching, plenty of coaching practice with real clients plus personal coaching with a master trainer to become the best version of YOU.

We’ve found there’s no better way to position you as a confident, client-attracting coach in as little as 90 days.

Intensive Training Kickoff

We take you by the hand right out of the gate with our intensive training kickoff…allowing you to immediately start digging deeper, exploring your boundaries, and clearing the blocks, barriers, and biases keeping you from enjoying the richer, fuller life you deserve.

Imagine YOU in just 3 months…

  • An in-demand Certified Mindful Change Coach empowering yourself and others.
  • Launching a successful coaching business to support your vision, your clients and your lifestyle.
  • Making a meaningful impact with your clients, colleagues and community.
  • Experiencing the transformation you know is possible, first hand, so you can be the rock star coach your clients deserve.
  • Embodying the heart of coaching as well as the the how-to.
  • AND having become that change-agent coach in record time!



 12 Reasons Becoming a GMC Coach is Right for You

  1. Deepen your self-awareness and become the best version of you.
  2. Enrich your quality of life by adopting new positive behaviors.
  3. Become a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). Successful graduates seeking NBHWC certification who complete the GMC program by October 30, 2020 are eligible to sit for an exam during the NBHWC transition phase. 
  4. Become a Board Certified Coach. GMC Certification is an approved training provider for the Center for Credentialing and Education Board Certified Coach program (BCC).
  5. Expand your skill set and learn effective coaching methods to make a bigger difference in the lives of others.
  6. Develop your ability to listen for the deeper meaning, so you can empower personal and professional transformation.
  7. Become your own boss and start enjoying the flexibility and freedom of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Finally devote your time and energy towards building your dream business instead of someone else’s.
  8. Learn how to attract your ideal clients… the ones who are ready to move forward, value your coaching skills, and are willing to pay you what you’re worth.
  9. Get one-on-one guidance from a master trainer who has been honing her skills for over 20 years.
  10. Access exclusive resource library only available to GMC Certified Mindful Coaches.
  11. Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  12. Collaborate with other GMC Certified Mindful Coaches nationwide on programs ranging from non-profit initiatives to high-level executive coaching opportunities.
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"Billie was my Instructor/Mentor/Cheerleader/Inspiration Extraordinaire as I embarked on earning a Guiding Mindful Change Coach certification in January, 2018. Throughout this comprehensive, thoughtful and well-designed course, I was guided by Billie with gentle support, thoughtful feedback and professional instruction. I can see why Billie’s services as a Coach, Therapist, Instructor and Mentor are in high demand. I cannot thank you enough, Billie, for generously sharing your expertise, your time and your kind heart with me and my classmates. Thank you!"

Shirley Garrett
NBC-HWC, ACE-certified Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist

The 10 Key Ingredients to the 90-Day Online Accelerated Training

  1.  Powerfully anchor your certification training with an experiential intensive training kickoff
  2.  Virtually attend 12 weekly 2-hour live group webinars
  3.  Hone your skills with 8 hours of direct coaching, working one-to-one with practice clients
  4.  Receive 7 hours of peer coaching that includes working weekly with a peer and receiving coaching weekly from your own peer coach
  5.  Experience 3 hours of personal coaching with your master trainer so you can enhance your expertise, overcome obstacles, and expand your inner work
  6.  Enhance your experience with weekly written assignments, outside reading, and mindful practices
  7.  Gain access to a comprehensive online platform including proven coaching core competencies, professional standards, practice building, and tools for client success

Plus these 3 Added Bonuses

  1. Engage in personalized practice-building strategy sessions with a Marketing Specialist
  2. Attend Bonus sessions focused on content areas for the NBHWC Health & Wellness Coach Certifying Examination with a health and wellness specialist
  3. Access to content-rich study groups for NBHWC exam prep and ongoing coaching practice
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