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About Guiding Mindful Change:

Since 2000, Guiding Mindful Change has empowered hundreds of students across the globe to excel in proven coaching techniques through deepening their mindful awareness. This transformative journey paves the way for enriched lives, inspired clients, and the creation of flourishing, heart-centered coaching careers.

We believe:

  • People are naturally whole and resourceful.
  • True fulfillment is based on attaining balance.
  • Each client is their own authority for change.
  • Change is promoted by mindful guidance, support, and partnership.

Why choose Guiding Mindful Change?  

  • Preparation: You're determined to be thoroughly prepared for the NBHWC examination.

  • Exploration: You seek a methodology that merges mindful awareness practices with empirically grounded coaching techniques.

  • Engagement: You aspire to establish profound connections with your clients.

  • Empowerment: You seek to deepen your knowledge and elevate your career.

  • Transformation: You dare to embrace vulnerability while evolving your coaching skills.

Course Details

The Mindful Health and Wellness Coach Certification is an intensive virtual program spanning 90 days, guided by experienced master trainers.

Tailored, Hands-On Learning

Enjoy a vibrant and interactive group dynamic within a cohort capped at 10 participants.

Proven, Intensive Curriculum

Benefit from an accelerated and rigorously tested program.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Education

Access in-depth instruction on pivotal health and wellness focus areas.

Immediate Coaching Engagement

Build confidence and competence by coaching both clients and peers.

Individualized Mentorship

Hone your skills with one-on-one mentoring, guidance, and feedback from master trainers.

Group Mindfulness Experiences

Engage in shared awareness practices to enhance your coaching approach and overall well-being.

Course Outline
Dates, Tuition and Enrollment

We know these questions are important to you and thought you'd like to speak directly to a pioneer in professional coaching. 

Meet with our program founder,
Billie Frances, NBC-HWC

  • Share¬†your background and what's currently motivating you
  • Ask your questions about becoming a coach¬†
  • Help determine if our approach is a good fit for your career and personal goals

Course Design:

  • Empowering Certification Kickoff Weekend: Meet your classmates and immerse yourself in a virtual, real-time intensive experience to kickstart your program.
  • Interactive Weekly Group Webinars: Participate in 12 virtual group webinars, each lasting 2.5 hours, with a schedule tailored to accommodate all attendees.
  • Practice Coaching: Enhance your coaching proficiency through 16 coaching sessions and receive constructive feedback from your trainers.
  • Peer Coaching: Practice your new skills in weekly sessions with classmates and share valuable feedback.
  • Mentor Coaching: Elevate your expertise, overcome obstacles, delve deeper into self-reflection, and fulfill the NBHWC Practical Skills Assessment (PSA) requirement with a series of three personalized sessions with your master trainer.
  • Coaching Proficiency: Master coaching core competencies, professional standards, tools for client success, and how-to‚Äôs for crafting your business.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Enrich your learning with weekly written assignments, external reading, and mindful practices.¬†


Additional Features:

  • Practice-Building Strategies: Explore marketing strategies to tailor coaching business to your unique strengths and interests.
  • Mindful Connections Community: Enjoy ongoing support with membership in the Mindful Connections Community‚ÄĒan interactive online platform exclusively for GMC graduates.
  • Discounted Access: Join content-rich NBC-HWC examination study groups at discounted tuition for GMC graduates.¬†


Prerequisites: Prior to program acceptance, candidates are asked to familiarize themselves with the course content by participating in a group Q&A session or having an individual meeting with program facilitators. 

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