Mindful & Meaningful Coaching Certification

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Step 1: Schedule a 1:1 Discovery Session with Billie Frances

Your Discovery Session with Billie will be a game-changer in getting clarity around what’s possible for you.

Remember, this call is complimentary with “No Risk” to you.

Qualify for a complimentary Discovery Session by saying “yes” to the following:
  1. I am a heart-centered health & wellness professional who wants to make meaningful connections with my clients.
  2. I recognize that I need to do my own exploration before I can take other people deeper.
  3. I want to know more about proven coaching techniques.
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Step 2: During your session, you and Billie will determine together some next steps you can consider and whether the Mindful and Meaningful Coach Certification meets your needs. 

For years Billie has been a pioneer in personal and professional empowerment, helping professionals like you redefine how they want to show up as the best they can be for themselves and their clients.


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