Coaches, How Do You Get Your Ideal Client to Call?

business Jul 28, 2017

When it comes attracting clients, coaches may be tempted to tell people what we do and assume what they need.  A better (and more coach-like) approach is to LISTEN – what are the needs, frustrations and wants of your ideal client? What’s the conversation in their heads, then use their words. If a client is thinking:  I’m sick and tired of feeling tired, our marketing message is “Are you sick and tired of feeling tired?”

Another “key” to reaching our ideal clients is to be mindful. How can you be aware of what you are thinking, feeling, saying, doing and being in any given moment?  Are you clear about your values and 100% aligned with your purpose (or do you doubt, compare, fear when it comes to new customers/clients)?

Five simple steps to expand your awareness:

  1. Take time to contemplate.  Set aside time to be quiet and centered before interacting with prospects.  Discover ways to release ambition and striving to allow the real you to surface.  When you are authentic, you can be trusted.
  2. Do your own self-exploration.  This is the key to authentic and powerful coaching.  Coaches need to be willing to do their own work in order to best serve their clients.  Assess your strengths.  And, be willing to acknowledge and correct your weaknesses, blind-spots and biases.
  3. Listen with the intention of being of value.   Your style and expertise will not be a perfect fit for everyone.  Find out what’s most important to your client and determine if you are the best coach for them.  If not, be a resource for them to connect with someone else.
  4. Know your worth.  Who do you wish to serve as a coach?  What is unique about your approach?  In what ways do you bring out the best for your clients?  Recall the times and how you felt when you sincerely connected with a client and facilitated a breakthrough.
  5. Welcome clients.  Be genuinely interested in people and curious about their lives.  See everyone as worthwhile and capable.  Envision clients saying “yes” to working with you.

Mindful & Meaningful Coach Mastery is a 90-day certification for professionals who want to make a bigger difference as a coach

This accelerated 90-day program is for you if you:

  • know you need to do your own self exploration to promote meaningful change for others
  • embrace mindfulness practices
  • adhere to high ethical standards
  • seek effective marketing strategies to expand your coaching practice
  • are motivated by interactive, dynamic, experiential, practice-based, small group learning

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