Becoming a Workplace Warrior

Another day, another deadline. You gulp caffeine and forge ahead, like the steadfast worker you are. A good soldier never gives up the fight, right?

Only if you view work as a battleground.

There’s a decisive difference between soldiering on, gamely shouldering the workload you’re assigned, and becoming a workplace warrior. Soldiers take orders; warriors take responsibility. While it’s wise to be a team player and complete projects to the best of your ability, even executives can push the envelope so severely that instead of helping the company, they’re hurting themselves.

Continually operating in overdrive can lead to physical, mental, or emotional harm. According to the Mayo Clinic, the following signs of burnout are cause for concern:

  • Chronic cynicism and sarcasm
  • Irritability with everyone, from co-workers to clients
  • Loss of energy
  • Disillusionment about your job or future
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches, neck pain, lower back pain
  • Abuse of food, drugs or alcohol...
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