Minding Your Business and Busyness

business May 05, 2024

Are your decisions based on urgent demands for your immediate attention?
Do you find that your intuition is speaking but you’re not listening?
Do professional demands overshadow your personal well-being?

5 Guiding Statements to Help You Mind Your Business and Busyness

Guiding Statement #1
Awareness helps me make thoughtful, purposeful decisions based on my inner wisdom.

Contemplation and discovery:
 What will help me deeply connect with my values and life’s purpose?
 How can I better listen to my inner wisdom?
 How can I remember to connect my choices with my purpose and values?

Guiding Statement #2
As I learn to wait, watch and be guided by the wisdom from each moment, I am more comfortable with the unknown.

Contemplation and discovery:
 Knowing that change is natural and inevitable, how could I welcome the continuous flow of new experience and information?
 How could I expand my capacity to practice present moment awareness in order to reduce stress?
 How can I begin to give up the need to understand?

Guiding Statement #3
I can learn to make thoughtful rather than snap decisions and heart-connected responses rather than off-the-cuff remarks.

Contemplation and discovery:
 How can I remember to be calm, clear and confident in my communication?
 How can I honor my natural decision-making rhythm?
 What is my strategy to respond rather than react?

Guiding Statement #4
I can learn to be vulnerable rather than guarded and connected rather than cut off.

Contemplation and discovery:
 When is it necessary to be guarded?
 Where in my life could I be less guarded?
 What do I need to think, feel or practice in order to be vulnerable with trustworthy people?

Guiding Statement #5
Even in a hectic workplace or home environment, I can support myself with present moment awareness.

Contemplation and discovery:
 What could I do on an ongoing basis to be more aware of my needs and surroundings?
 How could I arrange to take “awareness breaks” during my day?
 What support do I need to sustain my mindfulness practices?

Billie Frances, MA partners with organizations, groups, teams and individuals who want to master mindfulness in order to transform their lives and the lives of their colleagues and clients.

Through coaching, training, seminars and tele-courses nation-wide, Billie’s Mindful Change approach frees people to live bigger lives, set objectives that are value-based, work from strengths, make choices, manage change, deepen awareness and implement customized plans to achieve objectives.

In 2000, Billie founded Mindful Change Coaching Certification, a comprehensive coach training program for health and wellness professionals and business leaders who seek to learn and master client-centered coaching skills. This 3-month program is taught nation-wide through seminars and teleclasses.

The expanding network of certified mindful coaches serves individuals, organizations and corporations. Projects include Employee Wellness Coaching with Fortune 100 companies, school districts and healthcare organizations nationwide.

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